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  • Are there any other manufacturers of German agave spirits?
    SELVA NEGRA is the first agave spirit produced in Germany. There are now other providers with the same or similar concepts.
  • How do you differ from tequila or mezcal?
    SELVA NEGRA is not bound to any specifications. We use local flavors and distillation processes and combine these elements with the original product. We adapt to the needs of the target group and build a bridge between tequila and mezcal in terms of taste.
  • What is the ideal starter drink?
    Every “Gin & Tonic” fan is just a paloma away from a new passion. A little lime juice and grapefruit soda and your horizons will expand. That's for sure.
  • What makes you different from gin?
    Everything and nothing. Unlike gin, agave spirits have a long manufacturing process that is very expensive. In terms of taste, they are complex and diverse. At the end of the day, it's a completely different category with a different flavor profile.
  • Will other products follow?
    Wait and drink SELVA NEGRA 😉
  • Where do agaves come from?
    We import our organic agave extract from Mexico. Here it is then fermented into agave wine using wine yeast and then distilled.
  • Why are agave spirits comparatively expensive?
    Agave is a very expensive raw material. Before a plant can be harvested, it must grow for 8-10 years. This long waiting time far exceeds that of the raw materials of other spirits. SELVA NEGRA is premium and uncompromising when it comes to “innovation”, “regionalism” and “quality”. Pioneering work costs resources and we are the first in Europe to venture into the topic of “Mezcal Style Spirits”. A long development and a high willingness to take risks ultimately led to success. The result is a great brand world with an even greater product. Anyone who gets SELVA NEGRA into their home can be sure that they are holding a real novelty in their hands and that they are getting the best possible quality. All of this costs money, but our customers know what they are spending it on.
  • Who makes SELVA NEGRA?
    Our distiller is Florian Faude from Bötzingen. You can find more information about him on this homepage
  • Where do you deliver to?
    So far in Germany. However, we are currently working on making our product available in other countries. In general, we already exist in some countries. Sales are organized there via third-party sites, by external providers, without our influence.
  • Who delivers your products?
    We work with DHL.
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