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All SELVA NEGRA products are manufactured by the renowned fruit distiller Florian Faude in Bötzingen am Kaiserstuhl.

All founders of SELVA NEGRA come from the beverage industry. The product was born out of the love for tequila/mezcal.

SELVA NEGRA is deliberately different from the Classic tequila and mezcal. The aim was to create something new and not to copy existing products.

SELVA NEGRA is made from Mexican salmiana extract, which we get directly from central Mexico.


Salmiana is rarely used to make mezcal. The varieties Espadin or Tobala, for example, are more commonly used here.   

The Salmiana impresses with its special character. Although it provides less sweetness than other varieties, but develops very floral and even slightly peppery aromas.

At SELVA NEGRA we pay attention to details. With its long neck and good balance, the bottle is ideal for use in the catering industry. The label and the cork impress with the finest craftsmanship and thus reflect the contents of the bottle.   


Of course, SELVA NEGRA still has an ecological footprint. However, due to the import of raw materials in extract form, this is many times lower than with other products in this segment. 

We source the bottle, cork, label and all packaging material from the immediate vicinity of our production facility.

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